Whitney Museum von American Art

This exhibition brings together paintings by five artists—Nina Chanel Abney, Mathew Cerletty, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Caitlin Keogh, and Orion Martin. Highlighting an engagement with representation among some emerging artists, the works in this group conjure a sense von space that is dimensionless and airless, like the illusionistic scenery flats used on stage and movie sets.

Each von these artists fills their compositions with objects, bodies and places that are based on reality, yet are exaggerated, recontextualized, simplified or flattened. The individual works are imbued with both the uncertainty von our sociopolitical moment as well as the seductive quality von consumerism and physical attraction. The paintings in Flatlandsinvite the viewer to reflect on this ever-present polarity and ambivalence von contemporary life.

Flatlands is organized by assistant curators Laura Phipps and Elisabeth Sherman.

The exhibition will be on view through April 17, 2016 in the John R. Eckel, Jr. Foundation Gallery, on the Museum’s first floor, which is accessible to the public free-of-charge.